Monday, January 1, 2018

More ice storm photos

Again, a little outside of the normal area.  We did try to get to Harrison Bay today but there was very little of the parking lot cleared and what was clear was full of vehicles - forgot that today was a holiday!  So we drove to Deroche for some more photos...

here is the highway 'en route' - keep in mind this is at least the 4th day since the ice arrived and the 2nd day of nothing but sunshine and it is still all over everything.

went down a side street - not very far because weren't sure if we'd be able to turn around...

here is a close up of an Alder Tree encased in ice.

one of the twigs....

drove down another section, along the Deroche slough

grasses down in the slough....along with some tiny foot prints.

love this ice encrusted Blackberry vine!

a lot of the slough is frozen so the areas of open water are well populated.  

Trumpeter Swans and various ducks....

and some more icy twigs.

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