Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Finally, Sunshine!  All these photos were taken yesterday, but since today was a carbon copy, they could just as well been taken today....

what a treat to get up to this.

a little morning activity....was rather surprised to see the Trumpeter swans just stand their while the Bald Eagles were having a bit of an argument.  Notice the Northern Pintail in the duck mix?  

speaking of ducks....the numbers of them in the area right now are astonishing.  Thousands of them.  This bunch up in one of the corners appeared to be mainly American Wigeon.

with no other commitments for the day, was able to take the time to walk over to the log bay....first time since the water levels had dropped.  Here is the first bay.

and here the log bay.

and one of the eagles perched nearby.

also managed a picture of one of the Steller's Jay....for some reason they aren't normally cooperative for a photo.  There were also lots of Gold Crown Kinglets, Bushtits and Black Capped Chickadees.

heading back, this gives a hint at some of the activity out there.

spotted this male Common Merganser having a snooze and a gull, not sure what type, preening.

after lunch we thought we'd go back to Harrison Bay, thinking the sun would have brought on some bird fact it had the opposite effect, about the only thing of note was that flock of ducks out there....

which turned out to be that bunch of Ring-neck Ducks we'd seen the day before.  Counted about 70 of them in the flock with a couple of the related, Lesser Scaup mixed in.

So mid afternoon, headed back over to the log bay...

and it was well worth it as quite a few Trumpeter Swans had moved in close.

Like these ones, juvenile in the back....notice the youngster is molting out it's grey plumage to it's adult white.

one last picture to show just how much is out there.

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