Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Now we get snow

The holidays are over....

nearly all of the country had a white, our's was best described as 'whitish' as we did wake to a slight dusting of snow.

The flock of male Red-wing Blackbirds does seem to be increasing in number, although still not in the numbers we used to see.

there have been quite a few Dark-eyed Junco too.

and this very vocal Bald Eagle seems to have set up residence over at the log bay.  Easy to tell it is the same one as it rarely shuts up!

this female Hairy Woodpecker has been seen pretty much every day as well.

seeing a 'sun dog' on Boxing Day, you knew something was about to happen weather wise.

with the temperatures remaining below freezing most of the birds are up near bird feeders in the assorted subdivisions, but this Song Sparrow was scratching about in the leaf litter 

and this Brown Creeper was so close I couldn't get the camera to focus on it properly.

then today we woke to snow and it has continued to snow all day (this was taken just after noon) and continues to snow 'as we speak'.

these two were up in the eagle tree by the viewing platform.  The large numbers of eagles are gone now, as are the salmon, but there are a few around....mainly hunting ducks now for food.

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