Thursday, December 21, 2017

First day of winter

The first day of winter.....unfortunately we haven't any of the white stuff that just about everyone else got....

it came close...but not close enough.  We do have cold though.  Not frigid yet but is the first bay and what we don't have now, is water.

over at the log way looks pretty much the same.  There was a fair amount of  bird activity over there this morning,

including this Hairy Woodpecker....when I first spotted it, there was a Downy Woodpecker in the exact same spot.

some Red-wing Blackbirds as well...

and the requisite Bald Eagle or two....not really that many around right now, especially compared to other years.

over at Harrison Bay things were much the same....

except there were Trumpeter Swans spread out all over.  Not just on the river and bay, but the farm field that had been full of ducks our last trip, was full of swans this time.

and we weren't sure what was going on with this group.  Lots of head nodding and chasing about.

here is when things calmed down a bit.

there was a Great Blue Heron....

and some Canada Geese in this field while the one right beside the highway was wall to wall geese and ducks.  Masses of ducks.

not much in the way of small birds over there, except near the bird feeders....

here are a couple of male House Sparrows.

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