Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Very wet....

It has been very wet out here at the estuary and doesn't sound like it is going to be much different this coming weekend so if you are coming out for Eagle Festival dress accordingly!

At least this year we have eagles....everyone is commenting on the numbers of them.  The Fraser River Safari boat tour estimated over a thousand along the Harrison River between Kilby and their turn around point.  Unfortunately most of this stretch is only visible from the river, but still should be enough eagles to keep everyone happy.

Yesterday we walked over to the log bay...

there weren't a lot of eagles around this area yesterday.....I was hearing they were all at the golf course....

rather than any eagles perched in the trees over the log bay....there was this Great Blue Heron.

here is a closer look.  Have never seen one perched in exactly this location before.

Today was just too miserable to go very far.  Did one quick walk down to the boat launch and here was the view over at the eagle trees by the viewing platform.

Could see there were lots way out along the edge of the flats but it was too wet and dark to attempt a photo.  All this rain should bring the water up a little bit more which will make for pretty much perfect levels for ideal viewing.

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