Sunday, November 26, 2017

Inclement weather

Despite the inclement weather we've had the past few days, the water levels are slowly dropping....  only place I've got to is the boat launch so here you go....for comparison...

Here is where the water was on the 24th....

then on the 25th....

and this morning....the 26th.  Going to be a while yet before we get to walk over to the park, but at least now we can get out to the edge of the flats to see what is out there like,

these Tundra Swans and a Bald can see from the water in the background that not only has it been wet, we've had some pretty windy spells as well.  There have been lots of swans out there, a mix of Tundra and Trumpeters.

not a great photo but this Western Grebe was right down in our boat launch....the closest in I've ever seen one.  Not sure if it is the same single bird that had been at Harrison Bay or if there are a few of them here at the IBA this year.

the eagles are hanging in there....yesterday while we had a break in the rain there were literally hundreds of them flying way up high overhead.

the only other species I've seen down there the last few days was this Song Sparrow....well apart from all the various ducks....

and Canada Geese.

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