Thursday, November 30, 2017

Soggy November ends

It hasn't been my imagination....apparently we've tied a record for the soggiest November.  The last little while it seems that every time we try to get out for a walk, it is raining.

The water levels that had been dropping steadily....

came back up....this was taken on the 27th....see the slight rainbow there...and the touch of blue sky, which encouraged us to attempt a walk over at Harrison Bay....

where Bald Eagles continue to be found in the trees all along the side of the river.

and Canada Geese, Mallard, and gulls, mainly Mew Gulls (little ones) occupy the adjacent field.  We could hear Killdeer out there too but didn't see any....and our walk was cut short by another downpour that was more like sleet than anything.

yesterday, more of the same although the water was again dropping and there are lots of ducks, Mallard, Common Merganser, lots of Golden eyes, especially Barrows and some Bufflehead as well.

walked down after lunch and could see the swans that have been hanging about in the area, were in close...

and yes, they are Tundra Swans (see yellow at base of bill).  Once upon a time Tundra Swans were a rare occurrence here at the they are just as common or even more common than the Trumpeters!

Here is a Tundra Swan family....and a male Mallard.

more over there....

the eagles are out there too....where ever there is somewhere to perch.  

December arrives tomorrow and they are promising dryer cooler weather....we can only hope!

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