Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Not much of a report....

This won't be much of a report - just a few odd's n ends but mainly wanted to let it be known that there probably won't be anymore postings now until mid-October.  It has been a very long trying summer but we are finally going to get a way for a while.

So before I go....

just wanted to show where the water levels are now.  That smoke is from the newest, human caused wildfire burning on the east side of Harrison Lake.  Initially it looked a lot closer to us, but fortunately, isn't.

it is pretty 'lush' down there right now but still pretty mucky under foot.  Could probably almost make it over to the park but don't think we'll try.  That is Pacific Water Parsley that is in flower all over out there.

and since the eclipse has been the big news this week, here is how the eclipse looked on our brick patio with the sun shining through the branches of one of our big cedar trees.

haven't got a lot to report in the bird department.  This Dark eyed Junco posed nicely on our new fence.

this one also posed nicely but seems to be lacking it's tail.

Last night a number of Common Nighthawk flew over, probably headed south.  Years ago Common Nighthawk were seen and heard here all summer long, but haven't been seen for a number of years now, although I guess the Purple Martin make up for it.

So that is about it.....see you come October.

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