Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back in business

OK we are back in business.  Won't go into details but at least it was cheaper than having to buy a new computer!

So, have some catching up to do.  We've done a couple of canoe trips while waiting so will start with the first one...

it was a hot smoky every day had been for the last couple of we are in the 'first bay'....

where we disturbed a Beaver....

headed down along the shoreline of Eagle Point park....

lots of activity at the Purple Martin boxes.  It appeared most of the young had fledged although there were still a couple of young being fact 'young' has been the theme the last week or birds everywhere as you shall see.

we tucked into this is just past the park and before the golf course, so in an area that doesn't get disturbed and the bird activity was amazing...

the first thrill was finding this Black-throated Gray Warbler.  This type of warbler is never seen in great numbers at the best of times but this was actually the first one I'd seen here in probably close to 10 years.

here is one of the many young Common Yellowthroat that were there.  This one a young male as he is just developing the black mask.

and then there were the American Goldfinch....masses of them.  This one, with the sort of cinnamon colouring, being a youngster.

and then here, a young Western Tanager.

there were also an amazing amount of Woodpeckers....this one being a young Downy Woodpecker, one of several, but also saw Hairy Woodpeckers....just couldn't get a photo.

and then, along with the goldfinch (bottom), there were Pine Siskin (top)

lot's of Pine Siskin....the ones with the yellowish cast being the young ones.

of course there were some American Robins, like this youngster.  Actually saw a young Swainson's thrush too but it just wouldn't cooperate.

Yellow Warblers in abundance too.  When we returned to this area the next day, we found even more, but I'll save those for the next post.

Will mention...

this baby Spotted Towhee has been hanging around my yard, along with his 'daddy'...

and we also seem to have a whole new batch of young Steller's Jay.

I'll leave the rest for now....more tomorrow.

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