Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Final 'catch up' post.

This post will catch us up to consists of just a few odd's n ends that happened while the computer was out of commission.

I'll start by saying there was another canoe trip on the 2nd of August, before the smoke arrived.  This photo was taken out by the log jam at the edge of the Harrison River.  Unfortunately the wind came up so the trip was cut short with no exciting sightings.

I had just downloaded the memory card with these photos of Eurasian Collared Doves having a drink in the water at the boat launch, when everything went wrong with the computer.

It was strange that I had just been thinking it was months since I'd seen....

a Dark Eyed Junco....when the next day this little family showed up in my yard.  Daddy (on right) and 2 youngsters...and haven't seen the since but they must still be around.  Junco are winter time birds but there have always been a few that nest in the area.

Yesterday we attempted a walk over at Harrison Bay...

even though temperatures were at least 10 degrees cooler than they have been, it proved too hot to walk for long...still not a lot of beach showing.

surprisingly, the fields are still very green despite the long, hot dry spell.  Plants right on the dike were dried up though.

Despite the shortness of the walk....was thrilled to find...

a family of Eastern Kingbirds!  Here one adult feeding one of the the Catbirds...this proves that this species is nesting in our IBA.

and deserving of a second photo!

Back at our boat launch....

this was the scene early this afternoon....notice the Canada Geese sneaking past.

Yesterday this young Great Blue Heron was so intense on his fishing that he didn't even realize we were approaching.

there has been a fair amount of Hummingbird activity, not only at the boat launch, but throughout the park.  This appears to be a young Anna's Hummingbird....

and of course we mustn't forget the Bald Eagles....I'd notice the one perched over in the eagle tree by the viewing platform....wasn't until I downloaded it that I saw the pair of them were they have been all summer long.

So, that brings bird activity right up to date...

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