Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Morning walk

With another hot day forecast we decided to go for our walk right after breakfast...

with the parking lot where we normally park still underwater, we started from the opposite end....and as you can see it was absolutely beautiful!

not too far along we spotted this fledgling White-crowned Sparrow....on the way back, one of the parents was busy feeding it.

the Savannah Sparrow was singing a bit further along...expect to see some babies soon. Spotted Sandpiper and Common Yellowthroat were heard but not as visible as last time.

there was one adult Bald Eagle perched near the.....

nest, but again no sound or activity....keep thinking that if they had abandoned it, the one wouldn't still be near.  I guess only time will tell what is going on.

the Viper's Bugloss is in full flower right now.  

I sure hope they don't mow it all down like they did last year....but not holding my breath on that!

there were some Canada Geese on the river and more in the fields..still haven't seen a young one.

Osprey still sitting on nests....should be hatching soon.

Cedar Waxwing are just starting to build nests...this one has some of the fluff from the Cottonwood trees....makes great nest lining.

and here is a Yellow of several seen.  Also should mention there were large flocks of European Starling flying back and forth from the trees and the farm fields....obviously their nesting duties are over for the season.

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