Monday, June 12, 2017

Another evening walk

No two walks are ever the same and last evenings walk proved that....

we set out about the same time from the same place.  The evening before there had been so many swallows of every description flying around while last night there were only a few but we did see this male Northern Flicker just as we set out.

and this male Mallard down in a swampy bit.

I've mentioned the large flocks of European Starling flying around....this shows part of one of the flocks, however....

some are still busy with nesting duties...this adult was busy taking food to it's family....and speaking of families...

it would appear that both Osprey nest hatched on the same day...there is at least one little head visible at this one...must take binoculars next time for a better look.

Things at the....

Bald Eagle nest got even more confusing as both adults were perched near the nest and at one point when the nest wasn't actually visible, did hear a bit of a ruckus so still don't know if there are young in it or not.

found yet another fledgling White-crowned Sparrow so that makes 3 families so far.

lots of Canada Geese in the fields but have yet to see any young ones.

lots of Cedar Waxwing....

and saw one of the Lazuli Bunting...

there were a number of Rufous hummingbirds...this one feeding from the Viper's Bugloss flowers.

and the pair of Black-headed Grosbeak were in basically the same location the female had been at the night before.  The male was more cooperative for a photo last night.

Water levels have dropped so hopefully the campground will be open again shortly and we will be able to park in the parking lot next time we head over there.

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