Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last day of spring

Yesterday we finally got for a walk again on what was the last full day of spring....

weather was pretty much as it has been this and cloudy...

and my worse fears had been realized....they'd mowed the sides of the dike.  At least this year they left a strip in the middle which is an improvement but I have to wonder how many bird nests were destroyed in this process!

as has been lately, lots of bird calls but hard to see in all the foliage.  This male Tree Swallow did pose nicely.  We suspect there is a nest in a rotten branch near by.

several Song Sparrows were seen along the route.

not sure if this European Starling was gathering food or not.  It looks more like nesting material.  Perhaps they have more than one clutch a year....not sure.

this White-crowned Sparrow had a mouthful of obviously another active nest nearby.

the mystery of the Bald Eagle nest continues.  This adult was perched near the nest and was soaking wet.  It hadn't been raining so it must have been in the water for some reason, perhaps fishing.  Could hear another eagle calling, I think from the nest, but couldn't swear to it.

Common Yellowthroat were calling from all over....spotted this male....

and a female.

There were a number of young...

Northwestern Crow as well.  What was concerning was no sign of the Spotted Sandpiper that had been leading us away from his nest the last few walks we had taken.  We will hope that the young had hatched but given the location and where the mower had been, I suspect that there was a  less happy ending.

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