Friday, July 8, 2016

Rising water????

This isn't the time of year when you expect to see water levels rising....

but that is exactly what is happening here right now.  Doesn't seem that we've had that much rain but we must have because it's come up a foot or so in just a few days.

So sat down here for a few minutes this afternoon...

this male Barn Swallow perched for a few minutes....he had a lot to say, not sure why!

I think this is a Warbling was working over the  branches of the willow tree.

not sure if this is a young House Finch or Purple Finch, it was enjoying a bath whatever it was.

Lots of activity at the Oregon Grape bushes as the berries are now ripe.  Robins have been having a feast but today....

there were Black-headed Grosbeaks (this one a male)

and this a female with one of the berries in her mouth.

while this female Western Tanager was debating about coming closer while I was there, so I left to allow her to join the party!

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