Monday, July 18, 2016

Purple Martins found!

Finally a day we could get out in the canoe again for a while.

started out by heading down to check on those Purple Martin boxes.  If you recall the last time we had been on the water we saw no activity around the boxes at all...

well I'm happy to report that wasn't the case this appeared that perhaps at least 2 of the boxes were being used.  It would be nice to see the tiny colony growing, but at least it is still here.  If you recall this is the most eastern colony of the coastal population of Purple Martin.

it has been many months since I've been over here to the log bay but I understand there are some very busy beavers here, although not in sight yesterday.

Haven't even heard an Oriole for about a week now so perhaps they have already headed back south, but am seeing more Western Tanager, like this youngster.

saw a total of 4 Great Blue Heron like this youngster....we should see more of them soon as water levels continue to drop and this years young ones spread out over the area.

still quite a few Canada Geese out there.  Most of them appear to have almost finished their molt as they are able to take flight, at least for a short distance.

We heard a lot of Marsh Wren but weren't able to get a photo...

caught sight of some young Wood Ducks but this was the best I could manage picture wise.

The day had started out beautiful, calm and sunny

but it was getting pretty bumpy by the time we were heading home and came across this Bald Eagle - hence the blurry photo!

a Eurasian Collared Dove was getting a drink as we pulled in.

I had been disappointed to find no trace of any Gray Catbirds as a pair usually nests up the Chehalis....

So was surprised to hear one calling during our evening walk to the boat launch and thrilled when I actually spotted it and managed to get a picture.

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