Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A couple of unusual sightings

Got for a walk over at Harrison Bay yesterday afternoon and was thrilled to spot a couple of unusual species for our area.

Had just set out....

when we saw this Eastern Kingbird!  We have seen them here before but they are by no means usual, in fact I think this might be the first time in 2 or 3 years we've seen one.

spotted not one but two heads in the Bald Eagle nest!

this young Hairy Woodpecker was exploring this light post.  You can tell it is a young one as the red on the top of the head will migrate to the back of the head as it matures.  Saw a Downy Woodpecker as well but couldn't see well enough to get a decent photo.


now here is the really exciting find - look right in the middle - that is a Bewick's Wren!  I now realize that I've been seeing a pair of them in this location for the last few months.  I'd only got glimpses of some little brown birds and figured they were Song Sparrows - so was amazed when I downloaded the above and saw it was a wren!  I don't think these guys migrate so should be here year round now.

and if you want to talk about....

Song Sparrows...this youngster has to be one of the homeliest creatures I've ever seen!

there were young Red-wing Blackbirds too, probably a second hatch...

and here are the first young American Goldfinch of the season.

you could say this is father and son American Robins....lots of young robins everywhere you look right now.

after commenting on the rising water, I should point out that it is dropping again, back to where it was a week or so ago.  One of these days there will be beach here again.  We are wondering when we will actually see a 'water' bird again....has been a long time since we've seen a duck or gull....

and I'll leave you with this calm scene taken last night...

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