Monday, March 9, 2015

Swallows, swallows, swallows

Already mentioned that the Tree Swallows were back earlier this year than ever before (Feb. 26th)....

Finally managed to get a photo of one....but why stop at one?  The last few evenings the numbers of swallows down at the estuary in the evening has been astonishing....

photos never give the full effect but this should give a bit of an idea!  I'm pretty sure there are Violet Green Swallows mixed in with the Tree Swallows.

The incredibly mild weather continues with temperatures up into the high teens the last few days...

and water levels continue to drop.  There is starting to be a lot of searching out nesting sites going on as well.  The Tree Swallows have been checking out all the bird houses...on top of that piling...

while a European Starling was at this one.

a pair of Black-capped Chickadees were at another....won't say exactly where.  Have learned to not give out the location of either bird nests or rare birds...draws too much attention to them!

Spotted a Pine Siskin today.  Have been watching for Mountain Bluebirds.  If we are going to see any this is getting to be the time of year when they will be passing through.

Northern Pintails continue to be the predominate species of ducks in the area.

and we've noticed that the Trumpeter Swans have been getting really restless the last few is a bit early them to be heading north but then it has been a weird year already.  The above photo was taken this evening.

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