Thursday, March 5, 2015

Really!!! Why???

So got out for a walk over to the park today and all I can say is really! Why?

It seems chain saws have been busy in the park.  Less than 3 years ago that was a perfectly healthy tree.  Then it suddenly and mysteriously died.  As soon as it was dead that gave the excuse to deem it 'dangerous' and this is the result.  At least enough was left that if allowed to remain standing, the stump will be come a home for various cavity nesting birds.  As if this one wasn't bad enough, a little further along we come to....

this.  This was a perfectly healthy Cedar tree that has, from the size of it, stood there for probably a hundred years through numerous wind storms, snow storms and even ice storms and now suddenly it has been deemed 'dangerous'.  I won't put into print what I think of that!

So lets get over to the log bay.

Is it just me or how sad is this?  What has happened to this place?  I should have looked up and found some photos from previous years to compare...maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  Right now lets find some birds, because there were a few...

American Robins....a number of them were busy must be spring!

Red-wing Blackbirds were scattered through the bushes....

This Song Sparrow seemed to be quite possessive of this particular rose bush...Song Sparrows are thinking nesting already and the base of this bush is just the sort of place they like.  Unfortunately it is quite close to the trail so I sure hope that if a nest is under construction everyone keeps themselves and their pets on the trail.

Speaking of nesting there are obviously some Anna's Hummingbirds sitting on nests in this area as this little male was back on guard today.

It isn't just birds that have 'family' on their mind.  This is one of two Douglas Squirrels that were racing around after each other in one of the cedar groves.

Not in the park but because we haven't had an opportunity to get photos of

Pine Siskin this winter thought I'd throw this in since a flock of thirty or so stopped by today and finally....

again because they tend to be a little camera shy, this Eurasian-collared Dove that I managed to capture a picture of yesterday.  And before I go, want to mention that there have been Purple Finch around the last few days....the season is definitely under way!

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