Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Purple Finch

Have been seeing.....

Purple Finch for the past week or so with more of them showing up every day.

Notice the one at the far left, this is an orange variant of the normal Purple Finch male which the other four are.  There is also a little Pine Siskin down in the corner.

This photo isn't clear, but dos show the colour better.

Down at the flats today....

it was another unseasonably warm day with temperatures reaching 18 degrees.

there were some Canada Geese out on the flats....

the Black-capped Chickadees were busy excavating their nesting site...actually we heard Black-capped Chickadees all over the place.

There has been a lot of territorial drumming going on the last few days....

mainly by these guys, the Red-breasted Sapsuckers.

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