Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day of 2014

The last day of 2014 and it was another nice one....

getting to be a bit more ice out there!

It was kind of interesting today, got photo's of a couple of birds that aren't usually quite so cooperative...

the first was this European Starling....had obviously just had a bath and was sitting preening in the sunshine.

The starling wasn't the only one who had been bathing....Red-wing Blackbirds were also scattered about.

with this almost adult Bald Eagle supervising the bathing site.

then over at the log bay a Common Raven.  We see and hear raven on almost a daily basis but not usually this close.  The attractant obviously was the remnants of somebodies duck meal - I mentioned yesterday how the eagles are in hunting mode now the salmon supply is depleted.

there is no shortage of ducks out a bunch of Mallard with one female Gadwall leading the way.

some female Common Merganser and a male Northern Pintail in the back....

a bunch of Green-wing Teal in the background....and somehow I managed to miss American Wigeon.

so ends a rather strange year here at the estuary.....wonder how 2015 will work out?

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