Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cool clear end to the year...

With just one day left in 2014, we are ending with another stretch of sunny cold weather.

This morning the out flow winds we had all night died off so it was very pleasant to go for a walk.

This Great Blue Heron was back lite by the sunshine.

ducks, ducks and more ducks warming up in the morning sunshine.

a scattering of swans and Canada Geese were out there too.  Later in the day a very large flock of geese were in one of the farm fields on the south east side of the estuary.

This young Bald Eagle was one of a few over looking the scene.  It is obvious that the salmon are gone now as the eagles are getting serious about hunting, a scattering of feathers in one spot was evidence that a gull had been somebodies meal.  

There weren't too many small birds evident and the reason why came flying straight down the trail towards us, not sure if it was a Sharp-shin or a Coopers Hawk.

Later in the day we had to run into Agassiz.  Seeing swans in the farm fields in Agassiz is not unusual but seeing as many as were there today is.

we estimated that there were between four and five hundred swans there.  

the majority were Trumpeter Swans, but there were a few Tundra as well as the bird on the right shows.  

and just because it is still such a novelty...

here is another of those Anna's Hummingbirds, still happily out there in minus temperatures.

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