Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just a lot of water

Haven't been posting much because there just hasn't been a lot of change.  This is the most unusual season we've had since I started doing this.  Every time the water starts to drop down and things seem to be getting back to normal, something happens that is anything but normal.  Last posts we had ice all over, then we got warm rain, it melted all the snow that had been in the hills and consequently we were back to high water.  Now it is on the way down again, but still high.

Headed over to Kilby today....

sunny but chilly and very, very quiet bird wise.  

the cornfield beside the dike had a bunch of Killdeer in it, almost impossible to see until they moved - there are at least 4 in this picture.

The Red-wing Blackbird flock was there as well...

this one has a corn kernel in it's bill.  It is kind of amazing that they are still finding corn in the few stalks left around the perimeter of the field, considering the numbers of birds feeding on them.

This 4 year old Bald Eagle was perched right beside the road as we headed back our way.

We then drove up Morris Valley Road where large numbers of ducks and swans were sheltering.  Earlier the sun had been shining on this area and the swans (mainly Tundra) were in close but all parking areas were taken up with 'photographers', so wasn't able to get any photos.

Tomorrow is the Christmas Bird Count in this area, hopefully all these waterfowl will still be here to be counted.

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