Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here comes winter....

So my last post I pointed out how warm it was.  Now it seems we are having a one eighty reversal and winter is blowing in....and I do mean 'blowing'!

here is the boat launch this'll note that the water level is still high.  Site of the viewing tent is out by that little island of grass in the middle of the wet path.  Even if the water does drop it is going to be a mucky mess out there.

drove up past the estuary - there had to be a hundred or so Canada Geese and numerous ducks sheltering in among the grass's along here but no where to pull over for a photo.  About 20 eagles were seen riding the thermals over the hillside around noon, no where near the 50 or 60 you'd expect this time of the year, but more than we've seen.  This weather should help send some south although the bulk of the population are probably in Alaska and this winter blast is supposed to avoid that area.

The weather has encouraged a few swans to show up though.  This morning they were just off of our boat launch but flew before I could get a sight line.  We found them later....

just off of the far point in about the only sheltered area on Harrison Bay....

there appeared to be about twenty of them all together.  I think they were all Trumpeter swans but really too far off to get a good look.  More should be showing up soon I would think as they are about two weeks later than normal. 

We went for a walk along the dyke at Kilby.....had forgotten it was a holiday and the place was packed - quite a few people camping too.  

these pictures just don't show how rough the water is out there or how hard the wind is blowing, and this, apparently, is only the beginning.  In conditions like this you simply can't expect to see much in the way of birds.

one of the resident Bald Eagles was over working on the nest - typical of this time of the year.

the other one was sitting way out in the middle of this very green farm field.  

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