Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A day late

Didn't get down to the estuary at all today, but didn't get the report from yesterday's walk done last we are a day late.

lots of activity out there!  In fact an phenomenal number of ducks of pretty much every description including lots of Northern Pintail.  Here a Bald Eagle flew over part of a flock, the eagle has no interest in hunting ducks right now, but the ducks don't know that so they all take off momentarily before settling them again.

there is a sample of some more of those masses of ducks.  The activity wasn't just out on the water....

all along the trail there were little birds scratching and feeding....Song Sparrows like this guy, but also Spotted Towhee and Dark Eyed Junco.

Even spotted this Ruby-crowned Kinglet!  

and there were masses of Red-wing Blackbirds over at the log bay.

this Northern Harrier was also seen coursing over the grasslands.

and of course there were Bald Eagles over looking the whole area.

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