Monday, October 20, 2014

What is going on!

I didn't get down to the estuary today at all but I hear it is now impossible to walk the path over to the park.  Water levels just continue to climb.

I took this photo yesterday....pretty much all of the gravel bars have disappeared.

as a reminder....this is the sort of activity we should be expecting on this date.  This photo was taken in 2012  which was also a high water year but not quite as high as we have right now.

this photo, taken on this date last year shows the estuary the way one expects it to look on this date.

with all that water there are quite a few Canada Geese around but not much in the way of eagles.

Did spot this juvenile Bald Eagle sitting drying his wings.  There was also a large flock of Bushtits in the bushes at the edge of the estuary but didn't manage a picture.

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