Saturday, October 25, 2014

Northern Pygmy Owl!

So I should mention first that the water levels are finally starting to reverse and go back down....

The above was taken two days ago and that is pretty much where the water levels are right now, although more heavy rain is forecast for tonight so we shall see.

Today we put out another bird feeder, this in preparation for Project Feeder-watch which starts up again in a couple of weeks.  Shortly after putting it out I looked out to see if the birds had found it yet and did a double take.....

when I saw this Northern Pygmy Owl and nailed a Spotted Towhee!  The above photo was taken through both a glass and screen patio door.

The owl picked the towhee up and flew across the road and perched on a neighbour's fence....

you can see the towhee is as large as the owl, although I've seen one of these tough little guys take down a Steller's Jay....which is even bigger.  

after a while he dragged his prize under a hedge and presumably ate dinner.  This is the earliest in the season that I have ever seen one of these little guys.

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