Monday, October 27, 2014

First Swans of the season!....and an environmental situation

First the good news!

The first Trumpeter Swans of the season arrived today.  It was funny, we had been in Abbotsford for appointments and on the way home I was scanning Harrison Bay and said that I was going to have to check my records because it seemed that we should be starting to see swans.  We got home, went to take the dogs for a walk and there, out on the estuary..there they were!

Now, the not so good news.  Morris Valley Road runs along the west edge of the estuary and in recent years that road has had more and more traffic, especially truck traffic.  Well last night the inevitable happened...a truck went off the road and almost landed in the water. At first it was thought it was a gravel truck, but it turns out it was even worse....

it was a load of urea can just make out some of it on the rocks.   Ministry of Environment vacuumed most of it up today and hopefully not much got into the water, but what did get in the water was the diesel fuel as the tank ruptured.  There is a fair sheen on the water, not just in this area where the accident happened but even as far from that site as our boat launch....

So not the best timing but then there is never a 'good' time for this sort of thing to happen.

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