Thursday, August 6, 2020

Change in the weather

A bit of a change in the weather today which allowed us to take a walk on the dike after this mornings rain....

it was awfully windy which meant that there wasn't much to see in the way of birds...

nice to see some Queen Anne's Lace plants....there used to just be one, now there are a couple so maybe, eventually, there will be more....they are so pretty and well 'lacey'.

so nice that they haven't mowed the dike sides this year, at least this summer - they did earlier in the the sides are lined with Chicory and Spotted Knapweed.

Tansy in full flower now.

May not have seen birds....we do have a 'bird' at home....

this very young Black-headed Grosbeak has made itself at home in our honeysuckle bush where it is feeding on the ripe berries.

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