Friday, August 7, 2020

A walk in the other direction

 It has probably been a couple of months since we could walk in the other direction along the dike, due to the high water, but we checked today and water levels have dropped enough that you can make it now....

It is kind of interesting how two areas so close together can differ.....

found quite a lot of this plant that I can't recall ever seeing before and have no idea what it is.

a lot of this Pea Vine growing here too.

Chicory with the River behind it.

Some things don't change....saw Bald Eagles often perched in this tree last winter, and here one was again today.

If you look closely at this Black Hawthorne bush there are at least 5 Cedar Waxwing and a young Robin were feasting on the fruit.

speaking of berries....

the Black Berries are ripening....which was a good reason to keep an eye out for bear as we know they hang out in this quieter area.

these White Water Lilies have had a tough time this year as the water levels rose so late and then stayed high....a little too high for water lilies....other years the whole surface has been covered, only saw the one flower today.

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