Thursday, May 10, 2018

What a difference

OK I know it is a while since I've posted on here but I hadn't realized quite how long until I saw the first picture of the last post.......It is now the 10th of in less than 2 weeks we have gone from grasslands just getting damp to.....

this.  Taken yesterday, we were canoeing into the log bay over top of the path....and the silly sign that is normally on that path?  Well we canoed over the top of it too.

and you want the log bay?  Well there is is and I'm willing to bet that by the time the water recedes in 4 months or so, there isn't going to be much of a bay anymore.  Seems the beaver have pretty much destroyed all the vegetation that used to grow along the top of it.

the good news?  The Purple Martin are back and enjoying the new nesting boxes.

counted at least 14 of them yesterday.

Here is another one.

Over at Harrison Bay the farmers have been busy getting a hay crop off before the ground water starts seeping up and the Turkey Vultures are very interested ....guess there have been little critters falling victim to the mowers.

The flowering trees are just spectacular this year....

Both the Black Hawthorne....

and the Pacific Crab-apple.

have seen the Snow-shoe Hare a few times....

Common Yellowthroat have settled in for the season....

as have the White-crowned Sparrows.

The Bald Eagle nest is occupied, have seen Song Sparrows and Starlings carrying food....spring is well under way.

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