Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rising water

The water out here continues to rise and already these photos will be out of date as they were taken yesterday when we headed over to Harrison Bay for a walk.  Had to park at the Kilby Historic site because....

there is the parking lot where we usually park!

part of the campground was still dry but I doubt that is the case today.

rather concerned that that Osprey nest could be underwater if it reaches the forecast levels, especially when you have senseless boat owners creating huge wakes, as we witnessed yesterday.

speaking of nests, both parents were at the Bald Eagle nest yesterday and from the sounds, suspect that we have baby eagles....

thought this American Robin was packing food, but instead it appears to be muddy nesting material.

no doubt about this one though....see the baby European Starling peeking out of the nest site which is a crevice in this mature Cottonwood Tree.

hard to spot, but there is a male Bullock's Oriole  in this cottonwood.  Heard quite a few of them.

lots of American Goldfinch too, busy feasting on the dandelion seed heads.

Saw 4 different species of swallows - Barn Swallow above....

Violet Green swallow...

Tree Swallow, and we also saw some of the Cliff Swallows that nest under the highway bridge.

Singing White-crowned Sparrow.   There were a number of Spotted Sandpiper all along where ever there was something resembling 'shore' but the photo I took wasn't focused.

still haven't seen a baby Canada Goose, but there continue to be a number of adults around.

Now, I'm not sure if I'll get another post done before we head out for a few just in case I don't and you wonder what is going on - this is why.  Should be back mid-June.

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