Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What a difference a day can make

What a difference a day can make!  Couldn't post this yesterday because the first major storm of the season brought high winds that knocked out our power for fourteen hours or so, but I did get out between downpours to get some photos....

so just one rain event and the water has come up so the gravel bars are shrinking.  At the point when I took this, an eagle had dive bombed a flock of ducks....those are just some of them that took flight...

this photo might demonstrate the water levels better....this is the first bay, now with fish spawning in it, where the day before, it was high and dry.

A lot more Bald Eagles out there now, although not as many as were here this time last year.  Of course as the water levels rises and the gravel bars shrink, the birds get condensed into a smaller area.

this guy was in can see how choppy the water was, even right in this sheltered spot....out on the river it was really howling.

the rain let up in the afternoon which is when I got this shot of this youngster.

Besides eagles there were a lot of ducks, Mallard and American Wigeon for sure, some crows and...

also this Common Raven family.  

Today the rain has come down steadily all day, water should be even higher by tomorrow.  Good for the fish, lets just hope it doesn't get too high....and just think, a few days ago it was too low.  Ever changing out here at the estuary.

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