Friday, October 20, 2017

After storm number two

All I can say, is 'oh my goodness' ......with 2 storms done but with a 3rd due to arrive, managed to get briefly....and here is how it looks around here right now.

at the estuary, the gravel bars have completely disappeared...and walking over to the park is now impossible...the path is underwater.

a few days ago there was barely a trickle of water out there....look at it now.

Over at Harrison Bay....

it wasn't just water....although our walk was cut short by this rain storm rushing in...

but the winds...that had been just screaming on Tuesday....wrecked a lot of havoc.  The Campground on the left side behind this screen of trees had to be closed while they clean up the mess....

of course all of this is actually 'normal'.  It is natures way of pruning and creating habitat....when big branches or tree tops break off like this, it creates future nesting sites for birds and other creatures to use.  

back up at the estuary, the high water is being made use of by the Canada Geese....

and there are a few Bald Eagles around, like this pair arguing over the same log.

Now we have another rain warning so who knows where water levels will be when that one is over!  

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