Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Misty May walk

Seems our bizarre weather pattern is continuing into the month of May.  Yesterday was beautiful but we weren't able to get anywhere for a walk....

today we did get over to the dike for a walk, but as you can see it was rather damp and misty!

this photo, with a 'photo bombing' Canada Goose really demonstrates the mistiness.  That, of course is one of the Osprey nests on top of the pilings.  There were a lot of geese in the field adjacent to the dike.  We could hear some sort of shorebird...probably a Killdeer but possibly a Spotted Sandpiper as they should be turning up soon.  There were also some Common Loon calling....what a thrill to hear...couldn't see them anywhere though.

there were a number of Northern Flickers...including this inter grade (cross between a red-shafted which is our normal type here in western Canada, a yellow-shafted which are the normal type east of the Rocky Mountains) male.  Pretty sure this is a nesting site although I don't think they are siting yet.

not sure what this female Hairy Woodpecker was doing.  Working in the moss, not sure if collecting it for nest lining or searching for bugs.  We heard the Pileated Woodpeckers but couldn't spot them.

the male Bald Eagle was drip drying (or trying to) on a snag near the nest.  From the calls his mate was still sitting.

this goose was still on her nest but one on the other side of the bridge was gone so her's must have hatched out.  These ones should any day now....unfortunately we are leaving the area in a few days and won't be back for 3 or 4 weeks so guess I won't know the outcome.

there were all kinds of Yellow-rump Warblers...probably other varieties as well.  I could hear Common Yellowthroat out in the field that they frequent.

lots of White-crowned Sparrows too.

this male Red-wing Blackbird was in one Black Hawthorne bush while there was a female in the adjacent one.  Lot's of American Goldfinch around but couldn't get an in focus photo.

When we got back to the parking lot...

noticed this little bunch of Common Merganser in close to shore....

here is a closer shot.

Not sure if I will get another post done before we if I don't...well, will see you in June.

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