Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last day of the bay

As over to Harrison Bay today.

Very lush and green!

with the Viper's Bugloss just coming into flower.  I'm hoping no one will decide they have to mow the sides of the they did last year just as things were coming into flower.

not only is it lush and green, it is getting rather wet as the water has risen considerably higher than it has for a number of years, in fact most of the campground is now closed as the water is right into campsites.  Notice the Canada Geese out there.  Counted over a hundred in the area but didn't see a single young one.

not only is the water infringing from the river side, it is coming up in the fields....much to the delight of Robins and any number of other fact there were birds every where you looked!

I have no idea how many Common Yellowthroat are out there....but there are a lot!  The hedgerow and the long grass that the farmer leaves in the sort of boggy area in the middle of the field was just full of them.

It appeared that most Swallows were busy nest building but this Tree Swallow sat on a wire for a moment.  Also saw Barn, Violet Green and Northern Rough Wing.

I thought I was taking a photo of a female Bullock's Oriole as we could hear orioles all along the walk, but no, this is a female Western Tanager....

the male was close by on the other side of the dike.

all Osprey seem to still be sitting on nests....must be due to hatch soon.

not sure what is happening at the Bald Eagle nest.  There was an adult perched close by when we went past but all was silent at the nest itself.  Of course parents may have been out searching for food....

in fact there was quite a carry on a bit further along.  Something was going on between this Bald Eagle, and some crows and a raven.  There was so much crashing in the bush that I was scared a bear was suddenly going to appear....but no, it just seemed to be birds....  a bit of predation I think.

The White-crowned Sparrows were in their same well as some more in other spots.

I thought at the time this was a Song Sparrow as we saw several, but no, it is a Savannah obviously nesting here.

lots of Cedar Waxwing too....

and we mustn't forget the Spotted Sandpipers!  We'd been hearing them along the entire walk, eventually a pair showed themselves on the dike.

and here we are in the parking lot.  The boat launch is well under water.  That is the railway bridge in the background.  Hopefully it won't get too much higher because if the entire parking lot is under water there won't be anywhere to park.

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