Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snow, snow and more snow

Woke to clear blue skies and sunshine this morning so ventured out...

this is about as close as we could get.  Moments before it had been a white out as the winds were blowing snow straight up here.

We had to run into town so took a few photos along the way...

here was the scene at the Deroche slough...

blowing snow pretty much all the way across Nicomen Island

and since this is a 'bird' are some birds....Northwestern Crows and a Gull at these over flowing dumpsters.

heading back here is one of the blueberry fields.

and the Deroche slough on the other side.

So, more snow (hopefully the last) predicted for tomorrow, and then freezing rain which could be a real nightmare if it materializes and then rain....then maybe we will get back to normal.

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