Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back to a normal day

Sometimes life gets in the way of bird counting.  Day 4 of the bird count didn't get to happen and with today being the only 'normal' day for this week, we headed over to Harrison Bay for our walk.

it was absolutely dead calm out there and very quiet....

a few Canada Geese on the shore.

one of the resident Bald Eagles was at the nest while it's partner was perched across the bay.

I had commented on our last walk that we should be seeing....

American Robins in the fields, and sure enough, today this one was there, no doubt soon there will be many more.

a few Northwestern Crows, like this one with something I can't quite make out, in it's beak.

and there were Song Sparrows, like these two, as well as some Spotted Towhee scratching about.

and this is a common sight right now....Great Blue Heron gathered in this spot.  Numbers will thin soon as they head to their communal nesting sites.

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