Monday, June 20, 2016

First day of summer

It is the first day (or at least part day) of summer and we are back from our spring wandering so time to get back at it....

a beautiful evening out there after a warm but cloudy day.  You can see that water levels haven't budged much in the month or so we've been away.

The few times I've been to the boat launch there has been a lot of bird activity, but of course not when I took the camera....

have noticed a lot of Cedar Waxwings like the fellow above (sorry for the quality of the photo - I think my poor camera may be wearing out)...

A lot of American Robins too, like this young one, busy eating the berries of the red-osier Dogwoods.

Photos of a Yellow Warbler and a family of Black-capped Chickadees didn't turn out but should mention there are also lots of Red-wing Blackbirds and can hear Swainson's Thrush and the Bullock's Oriole.  Also seeing Tree Swallows and a few Barn Swallows.  Can hear Canada Geese out there, no doubt in their molt stage so staying hidden and quiet.  Oh, also saw an adult Bald Eagle this afternoon.

Hopefully we will get over to Harrison Bay soon and maybe out in the canoe for an over view of just what is out there.

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