Friday, June 24, 2016

Damp summer day

They tell us the weather is going to change dramatically in the next day or was another cool damp day but we took advantage and went for a walk over at Harrison Bay....

appearance wise it looked exactly like it did in my last report so am only going to post things we saw that were spotting this Red-breasted Sapsucker right away....

and there were a lot of swallows around including some of these Violet-green Swallows.  Had suspected there were some in the vicinity, we now have proof.

Tree Swallows obviously using this nesting site.  There were a few Barn Swallows flying around as well.

lots of feeding baby birds happening....American Robin above with a mouthful (noticed several months ago that this bird only has one leg but doesn't seem to hinder it)

white-crowned sparrows running around with mouthfuls of food too....

while young Northwestern crows were all over the place following parents around.

Spotted a couple of these male Bullock's Orioles and from the noise coming from the nest there are quite a few hungry mouths to feed.

while Spotted Sandpipers appear to be still in nesting mode, running around frantically if you get anywhere near where their nests might be (they nest on the ground, not in trees but this one seems to prefer to keep watch from the branches)

and lastly....

there were a number of Black-capped Chickadee....this one feeding on the fruit of the Black Hawthorne

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