Sunday, February 28, 2016

Very early spring!

The signs of a very early spring just keep coming.  The other day we actually saw a garter snake.....have seen them as early as mid-March before, but never in February....then today...

thought I was seeing things....but no, the 'pink' turned out to be a Salmon Berry flower....not just one, but several.  Normally one might expect to see them about Easter....not this year! 

Don't have a photo but a pair of Purple Finch were in the yard today - first of the season and saw a Yellow Rump Warbler and some White-crowned Sparrows in Chilliwack today, so just a matter of time before we see them here.  Am also wondering when the first Rufous Hummingbird will put in an appearance.

The brilliant red wing patches....

on the male Red-wing Blackbirds is also a pretty good indication that spring is on its way!

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