Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Great news!!!

Sorry, no pictures and I know it has been a while but it has just been so quiet lately with nothing to report...

but had to share this great news.  I had mentioned previously that there was an application into the district to change the zoning to allow for a Contaminated Soil storage site.  This site would be just up stream of the Chehalis River and right beside Boulder Creek which flows into the river.  The Chehalis, of course, flows down to meet the Harrison River and forms the estuary - all part of the I.B.A. 

Today, thanks in large part to the considerable efforts of area residents, the F.V.R.D. passed a motion to REFUSE the application.

To anyone reading this who may have signed any of the petitions, including the on line one - the Bald Eagles and other 200 or so species that enjoy the area, say Thank you!

and a reminder, this coming Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday is the Backyard Bird Count - get out and count those birds - I'll be doing it and hopefully I'll have something to report!

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