Saturday, October 17, 2015

It's getting busy out there!

It is only the 17th of October but it sure is getting busy out there!

this was the scene this morning.  It helps that even though we haven't had any rain around here, there has obviously been enough somewhere to bring water levels back up meaning that the Bald Eagles are concentrated on the small areas of dry land.

there were even a number of eagles close in....

although a bit of a tussle and then a particularly noisy and aggressive gull sent them all flying before we could get close.

The other day we went over to Harrison Bay

and were disappointed by the lack of birds.  It was a fairly breezy and unseasonably warm day which might account for some of it, also fishing on the river is in full spat right now so as long as boats are roaring up and down there won't be much in the way of water fowl seen out there.  Speaking of fish, I heard that on that same day a record breaking 92 lb Chinook Salmon was hauled out of the river.

I'll leave you with this beautiful peaceful scene....

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