Friday, October 9, 2015

Afternoon walk

Since the threatened rain hadn't materialized, took the opportunity to go for another walk.

a bit dull and dreary.  The Greater Yellowlegs was still poking about and....

the Killdeer, that I heard yesterday, were visible today.  Actually saw 3 of them, this guy seemed to have his eye on the sky, not sure why!

Pilings were busy....a Great Blue heron on this one.....

it took me a bit to figure out what was on this one, turns out it is a young Bald Eagle with it's wings spread out to dry.  Speaking of Bald Eagles....

nice to see them back in the 'eagle' trees although a little hard to see yet with leaves still on the trees.

Yesterday there weren't any little birds visible...a different story today....

American Robin's were everywhere,  feasting on the fruit of the native Pacific Choke Cherry trees.  It wasn't until I downloaded this that I noticed the male Purple Finch as well.  Heard Anna's Hummingbirds in this area, there were also Spotted Towhee, Song Sparrows and a number of Ruby crowned Kinglets.

I've enlarged this one because it is just such a perfect, typical scene of the estuary this time of the year.  Eagles and gulls out on the flats and another heron busy fishing in the foreground.

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