Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some 'guest' shots

Hello to all you faithful followers that keep checking this blog....I have just spent the last week and a half or so in hospital so haven't been able to do much in the way of birding.  Am home now and hope I'll make it as far as the estuary in a day or so, but mobility continues to be an issue.  I hear that the water levels of the Harrison are starting to rise a little bit.  Checked this time of the year, last year, and was reminded that water levels rose quickly very early last year, in fact by now the whole area was pretty much under water.

I think I have shared some of Norm Dougan's incredible bird photos on here before.  He sent me some yesterday to cheer me up......they are so spectacular  I thought I'd post a few....

This is a Sharp-tail Grouse doing it's dancing mating routine.  Sharp-tails are extremely rare in B.C., in fact are in trouble everywhere due to habitat loss.  This is a species we would never see in our area.

Here is a pair of them.  These photos were obviously taken before sunrise.  Norm is an extremely dedicated nature photographer, most likely set himself up overnight to get these pictures.

Here is a Mountain Bluebird - my husband thought he saw one of these over at the log bay the other day.  We often get a glimpse of them as they migrate through this time of the year.

something that has been missing around here this winter - a Pine Siskin.

wouldn't be spring without those American Robins.

I understand there are still lots of Dark-eyed Junco out there.  This one looks like it could be a cross between the Oregon, that we get here on the coast, and a Slate coloured.  The back looks more gray than brown.

So that is about it.  The Hummingbirds are well established, I hear there were Band-tail Pigeons here for a bit and no doubt there will be more.  Hopefully I'll get to give my new walker a go and be able to at least sit in the sun they have promised and get a picture or two.  My cameras must be going through withdrawal! 

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