Monday, January 7, 2013

Not one single duck

If I didn’t have a dog that needed walking I would never have ventured out the door – that is how miserable it is outside.  Absolutely pouring with the water running in rivers down our streets and so much so that the water levels seem to be coming up a little bit and that has to all be from ground level because it is so cool that this moisture is all coming down as snow as soon as you go up a few feet in elevation – no doubt adding to the already record snow pack!

Two things of interest today – sorry, no photos, never took the camera out of the bag – there were absolutely no ducks.  Not one.  There were 7 or 8 Bald Eagles around and perhaps they had been hunting, in fact the second interesting thing was seeing an adult Bald Eagle dive into the water, to the point that only the top of it’s back was visible and it stayed under for so long I was wondering if it had drowned…when suddenly it launched itself up with something in it’s talons.  It was too far off and too dark and wet to get a good look. 

The only other birds I saw the entire time was one little Pacific Wren, a Mew Gull that went over to see what the eagle was up to, and some Varied Thrush and Steller’s Jay….couldn’t even hear any bird calls but then the rain was pounding on my hood so hard that I probably couldn’t have heard anything else even if it was there.

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