Friday, January 4, 2013

Barren wasteland?

Today was one of those days when you look out on the flats and the thought that immediately comes to mind is…barren wasteland…

Pretty darn empty

my goodness it was quiet! (well apart from the gunshots echoing off the mountains that you can’t see because of the low cloud).  Of course it is never completely dead…sometimes you just have to look harder than other times.


Common Raven have been heard and seen flying a lot in the past few days and today one was actually perched where I could get a picture…


there were a number of others flying about, so this one was calling to them.

In eagle tree

could see 3 Bald Eagles over in the eagle tree by the viewing platform and another 3 were flying…I don’t know if they had been hunting and that explained the lack of ducks or what….

Varied Thrush

Closer to home the Varied Thrush were out in force today – of course this is the sort of weather they love, dark and drizzly!  Noticed a lot of Steller’s Jay flying about and also more Dark-eyed Junco than I’d seen so far this winter, but they too seemed to be very active flying from tree to tree rather than settling and feeding on the ground where you typically expect to see them.

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