Friday, July 17, 2020

Back to the dike

Finally made it back to the dike at Harrison Bay.  Between some warm weather, some wet weather, and being away for a few days, today was the first opportunity to see where things were at. Weather was a bit misty but perfect for walking....

water levels are still high although have dropped from where they were.

saw several of these little guys ,Western Wood Pee Wee I think (flycatchers tend to confuse me)

saw a White-crowned Sparrow too. Haven't seen any young ones yet but the grasses and other vegetation are so lush this year that actually seeing birds is difficult. Could hear the Lazuli Bunting singing but couldn't spot it.  Really would like to see a young one this year to have absolute proof they are nesting here.

Was really surprised....

to see the young Bald Eagle still at the nest.  I would have thought it would have left by now.  There was an adult around as well.

the European Starlings have now gathered into their typical large flock.  There were also large numbers of all sorts of Swallows and Swifts flying overhead....impossible to capture in a picture.

surprisingly, and thankfully, the sides of the dike haven't been mowed so the mid summer flowers are able to bloom - this being Chicory,

this the invasive Ragwort Tansy

and this, the regular Common Tansy which is just starting to bloom.

Lots, and lots of berries and fruits this year which will be great for migrating and wintering birds....

these are the ripe fruit of the Black Hawthorne....

this Mountain Ash is covered in berries as well.

With some warm weather in the forecast, hopefully we will get out on the water within the next few days to check on things at the estuary.

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