Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day

The sun was shining....although I imagine most people who check these postings are of the same mind as me....thinking everyday should be 'Earth Day'!

the water levels are creeping up but with the temperatures forecast for this coming week, I expect the 'creep' will change to 'climb'....I'm figuring that we probably only have a few more days of walking across the grasslands before it is all under water.

the male Red-wing Blackbird is probably contemplating the same how long before this silly sign is underwater again (a good place for it!)

and finally, the log 'bay' is once more a 'bay!'

all the pilings are just swarming with Tree Swallows - you just can't capture it in a photo.  I'm wondering when the Purple Martin will show up.

This morning was the first day that first of all, I heard a Common Yellow-throat.... and then later in the day...

the first Orange Crowned Warbler of the season.  Still haven't seen a Yellow-rump although I hear they are around.

a lot of Song Sparrow activity the last couple of days....and saw a Lincoln Sparrow but didn't get a photo.

Expect there will be quite the influx of birds this coming week, and probably a thinning of the hoards of ....

Dark-eyed Junco that have been hanging about for the past few weeks.

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