Tuesday, February 6, 2018

and it is still raining!

Rain, day after day after day which is why there just isn't much to chat about these days.

One day, as we set out in the drizzle....

these 4 Common Merganser (all females) were having a snooze right at the end of the boat launch.

almost every day when it has been dry enough to even attempt a walk over to the park,

there have been Golden crowned Kinglets.  These agile little birds are hard enough to photograph in bright light, almost impossible in the gloom.

always a few Bald Eagles around....looks like the leaf buds on that poplar tree are swelling - or is that wishful thinking?

We ventured over to Harrison bay after lunch in hopes of getting for a decent walk...

that is a Red-Tail Hawk perched over there....and definitely those catkins are getting larger.

the field beside the dike was full of Killdeer (on the right) and there was one lone European Starling (on left), as well a quite a few Mallard in the puddles.

I could hear a little Woodpecker in another area, never did spot it, but there was this Brown Creeper on the tree....

by this time it was raining so hard we gave up any attempt and headed back to the truck...

this poor Song Sparrow was as wet as we were.

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