Friday, January 20, 2017

The estuary after four days of rain

After 4 days of rain and warmer, as in above freezing temperatures, the sun shone this morning so we set out for a walk....

what snow this was there was a little icy as we'd had a touch of freezing rain over night.

not looking nearly as white is it?  Pretty quiet out there though, just a few ducks here and there...

here is the first bay....slightly more water but not as much as one would think, probably because out here, at least it really didn't get all that warm.  When it was 11 C in Vancouver it was 5 C here.

there have been quite a few Bald Eagles around the last few days now that the rotting fish are uncovered and thawed.  This was one of the few adults as most in the area are young ones.

like this guy on the shore at the log bay.  Quite a few gulls around too.

you can see that water levels have come up to a degree.  Before the rain started there was no water visible out there.

Fair bit of activity out there though!

and we will leave with one more juvenile eagle, this guy right over head.

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